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A person who uses these websites (hereinafter: User), unconditionally accepts the application of these Terms of Use and is considered capable of  understanding all risks associated with the use of herein published and available content.

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All other use of the content available in these internet pages is subject to the appropriate legal protection and the application of the applicable and legally permissible measures to the User and/or third person benefitting from such use of the herein available content.

Published Content

Content published and available on these website  is considered to be text, graphics, trademarks, logos, photographs, phonograms, videos and other audiovisual content, computer applications and databases as well as all other informative or technical material, regardless the method of display, publication or availability to the User.

The content published and made available through these internet pages is exclusively for informational purposes without any guarantee, explicit or implied, that the content is accurate, timely, complete and/or suitable for any particular purpose or particular method of use. Use of the content is exclusively the responsibility of the User and the website owner cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the use or interpretation of the content.

Intellectual Property Rights

Content published on these internet pages is protected by intellectual property rights and any unauthorised use can constitute grounds for initiating the procedure against the User by the website owner or a third party, authorised holder of the intellectual property rights.

Way of Using the Content

The website owner grants the User a limited, non-transferable and non-exclusive permission to visit, print, copy and to use the content of these web pages in some other way, solely for personal and non-commercial use, specifically for the promotion of Croatian tourist destinations, provided that such downloaded content has not been changed or distorted in any way (for example, by publishing on  websites with morally objectionable content). The website owner as the source and the name of the author of the downloaded content must be stated.

Way of accessing the  content

The Content published on these web pages can be browsed only by using permitted methods of information technology, in such a way and in such a quantity and to such an extent which are usual for a physical person, the User. Any other method of browsing and/or of using the content which bypasses protected systems and applications of information technology, or when specific applications or tools are used for simultaneous download of data that is not common for a physical person, the User, is considered a violation of protected rights of the website owner, for which the User bears the appropriate material, criminal or misdemeanour charges.

Users content

This page may enable Users to publish contents aimed at promoting Croatia as a tourist destination, share information, share their experiences. To do so Users have to ensure all necessary rights (including the appropriate permit).

By placing contents, Users  are permanently and irrevocably  conceding their licence (right of use) for the published content, which website owner can use in promotional purposes and without compensation fee for author’s rights or any other compensation fee.

Users are responsible for the content they publish and guarantee that they are not violating anyone’s author’s rights, privacy rights or any other third party rights and that the content is not defamatory, offensive, illegal or such as to damage the reputation of website owner.

In all cases when the content users publish causes any loss, damage, expense (including attorney costs) Users undertake to completely indemnify and absolve website owner from any responsibility.

Right to change the content

The website owner reserves the right to change, suspend (temporarily or permanently) any content or services on these web pages, without prior notice, at any time.

Links to external content

These web pages also contain  information by third parties and/or links to other Internet contents. The website owner, in any event, is  not responsible for the content provided on external sources of data to which these links can lead from these web pages, nor is it responsible in connection with the method and conditions of using these contents.

Registered users

By registering on these web pages, the User is required to go through the registration process, enter  genuine information, and choose a username and password.The website owner reserves the right to revoke or deny the use of the User  account and/or one or more of the services for which the User has been registered, without prior notice and or explanation.

The website owner is not liable for any damage caused by such termination of the User account or/and one or more services for which the User has been registered, or for any damage resulting from an unauthorized use of the User account by third parties.

Changes to the Terms of Use

The website owner reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time, and neither will be responsible for possible consequences of such changes. These changes come into force on the date of publication on these web pages.

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