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Situated in Kvarner Bay, on the northern part of Opatija Riviera under the Učka mountain, Mošćenička Draga is famous for its breathtaking beaches. When you get bored with the 19th century glamour and vividness of Opatija and Lovran, you can find your escape in this peaceful piece of heaven. It used to be a  fisherman village, while today it is a picturesque little place with two breathtaking beaches, Sipar and Sv. Ivan and beautiful waterfront promenade bordered with the centuries old pine trees and the old austro-hungarian villas. The beauty of the place, its peacefulness and healing sea and mountain air have been attracting tourists since the late 19th century till the present day.

Mošćenička Draga

I like Mošćenička Draga best out of season when you can fully enjoy the blissfulness of that gorgeous place; read your newspaper while sipping coffee in a local café, overlooking the crystal clear sea and the steep green slopes of Učka mountain. You will easily feel at home and somehow wonderfully isolated from the rest of the world. For lunch you just need to move a few meters to be able to enjoy great domestic cuisine. In the meantime you can walk by the sea, dive, sail, windsurf, hike in the Nature Park Učka and, of course, in the summer enjoy swimming and sunbathing. 

Mošćenice - detail

And that`s not all. On the slopes of Učka mountain, overlooking the bay, there is another jewel, the old hilltop village of Mošćenice. You can get there within a five minutes drive by car or, for sporty types, there are 753 stairs from the promenade to Mošćenice. There you can enjoy one of the most spectacular views on Kvarner bay and the nearby islands of Cres and Krk.

Mošćenice - detail

During the high season the place and the beaches are pretty crowded with tourists but you can still find less crowded beaches fairly close if you go north towards Brseč, which is another little village worth visiting.

The beauty of Mošćenička Draga is best described in the lyrics of a local poet:

"You do not know my white Sipar and my beach

Where as a small child

I chased dreams, caught butterflies,

Looked for seashells among the pebbles

Wondered at the wind, the wave, and the sea,

Waiting for the moment to climb Učka Mountain

To see elves and fairies

On winged horses

Chasing rays of sun.

You do not know Sipar and the beach,

My little empire

Me, an old man, may not go there anymore."

(by Rikard Katalinić Jeretov)

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