Mošćenička Draga / Kvarner Tourist Board

Situated in Kvarner Bay, on the northern part of Opatija Riviera under the Učka mountain, Mošćenička Draga is famous for its breathtaking beaches. When you get bored with the 19th century glamour and vividness of Opatija and Lovran, you can find your escape in this peaceful piece of heaven. It used to be a  fisherman village, while today it is a picturesque little place with two breathtaking beaches, Sipar and Sv. Ivan and beautiful waterfront promenade bordered with the centuries old pine trees and the old austro-hungarian villas. The beauty of the place, its peacefulness and healing sea and mountain air have been attracting tourists since the late 19th century till the present day.

Opatija - detail

Only an hour and a half drive from the capital, a few kilometres north from the city of Rijeka, bordered with the blue Adriatic sea on one, and the magnificent mountain Učka on the other side, lies Opatija Riviera. It carries the touch of glamour from the past days when Austro-Hungarian aristocracy used to spend  their holidays there, leaving their trail in its beautiful hotels, Venetian-style villas and exotic gardens. For its beauty and rich tourist history it can be compared to the French Riviera.

Advent in Zagreb

It is said to be the best Advent destination in Europe in 2016. I don't know whether it is true or not, but in December Zagreb is definitely transformed into a fairyland. A fairyland of Christmas lights, Christmas trees, stands from which the smell of mulled wine, fritule (a kind of doughnuts) and other delicious fried food is spread, all complemented by cheerful melodies of Christmas songs. It is definitely a joyful time when people somehow feel happier, more alive, more enthusiastic to go out, meet friends and share happy moments.

Brown Bear in Croatia

On the slopes of  Velebit mountain in Lika, 30 km from the Adriatic coast and 60 km from Plitvice Lakes National Park lies a small village called Kuterevo well known among the nature lovers for the Bear Refuge situated in it. Kuterevo extends on 6 km valley and counts  634 habitants. It is situated 10 km from the National park Northern Velebit.  People in the village are very hospitable and tolerant, which is necessary for coexistence of people and  bears.

Makarska Riviera / Brela Tourist Board

We can definitely say that Makarska Riviera is one of the most beautiful parts of the Croatian coast with around sixty kilometres of breathtaking white pebble beaches bordered on one side with the crystal blue clear sea and on the other side with the green belt of pine trees above which rises the magnificent mountain Biokovo. The Riviera is settled fifty kilometres south of Split and a hundred kilometres north of Dubrovnik and is one of the sunniest and warmest places in Croatia.  The largest place is Makarska and other popular places are Brela, Baška Voda, Tučepi, Podgora etc. They are former fisherman villages and nowdays mainly  tourism oriented.


If you like to spend a day in a magical place where nature and human have worked hand in hand to create a beautiful scenery, you should visit Rastoke. By the road that connects Zagreb with Plitvice Lakes and the coast, a small watermill village is settled.

Motovun - Istria Tourist Board

There is a magical land of fairies and giants, of beauty and goodness, where ancient and modern meet in  wonderful harmony. Maybe sometimes you dreamed about that land. I know I have  and everyone who gets to know it is intoxicated with its charm.

Cathedral of St. Jacob

The cathedral of St. Jacob is the most valuable architectural monument built during the 15th and the 16th century in Croatia, and according to its beauty, construction techniques and style characteristics it is not only the biggest and the most valuable object of the architectural heritage of the Town of Šibenik, but it represents also a unique monument of the European sacral architecture.

Trakoščan castle / Varaždin County Tourist Board

Trakoščan was built in the late 13th century in northwestern Croatian defense system as a small observation fortress for monitoring the road from Ptuj to Bednja Valley.

According to legend, Trakoščan was named after the Thracian fortress (ARX Thacorum) which allegedly existed in antiquity. Another preserved legend says, it is named after the knights Drachenstein who in the early Middle Ages, ruled the region.

Špancirfest in Varaždin

It can safely be said that during this festival Varaždin pulsates with the creative rhythm of the world. Špancirfest turns this city into the Capital of Music, the Kingdom of Theatre and the Empire of Beauty created by the hand of the artist. Streets and squares of the historic core in which the festival takes place become too small, for in addition to tens of thousands of visitors they are ruled by street artists and buskers.

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